Friday, July 25, 2008

Two thrilling photos

Lucidus Maria Cardinal Parocchi

Serafino Cardinal Vannutelli

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Josef Cardinal Frings

He was archbishop of Cologne from 1942 to 1969, when he retired because of age and beginning blindness. He played no small role during the council. His speech concerning the proceedings given at the opening session initiated the process that led to a reshuffling of the commissions and the schedule of the council.

In Germany there is a verb "fringsen". This expression dates back to the New year's Eve sermon of the cardinal held on December 31, 1946. Frings referred to the looting of coal trains and the bad supply situation in a grim winter.
    "We live in times where the single individual is allowed to take what is necessary to preserve his life and health when he cannot receive it by hard work or bidding."
Accordingly the term "fringsen" was referred to organising food and coal or burning material for the winter among Cologne citizens. The sentence of the homily that followed immediately was often ignored:
    "I think that in many cases people exceed the limits. And then there is only one way: Giive back all unjustly acquired goods, otherwise there will be no forgiveness with God."

On the last photo you can see Caridnal Frings with the pectoral cross that belonged to Clemens August of Bavaria, elector and archbishop of Cologne from 1723 to 1761. It's always nice when the old bling doesn't rot in museums but actually has a life.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Rome, late 40ies...

Students leaving the Gregoriana

Franciscans playing volleyball


Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Ferenc Zichy

Bishop of Györ, Hungary, from 1743 to 1783. This portrait is interesting, because I found a photo of the pectoral cross that the bishop is wearing:

I also found a picture of his crozier...

... and a photo of a handful of nice and shiny rings that belonged to the bishops of Györ (and that are still kept in the diocesan treasure chamber):

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Best cardinalatial hairdo ever!

Carlo Cardinal Chiarlo (1881 - 1964)

Now I know where 80ies synth-pop-combo A Flock of Seagulls got their inspiration from.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Couldn't have said it better myself...

Check out this article in the Telegraph about "cappaphobia"

Franziskus Cardinal von Bettinger

He was born in 1850 in Landstuhl/Germany as the oldest of six kids to a horseshoe-maker. After studies in Innsbruck and Würzburg he was ordained a priest in 1873. In 1895 he became a member of the cathedral chapter in Speyer. In 1909 he was made archbishop of Munich and Freising. He was consecrated by the then nuncio to Germany, Andreas Franz Frühwirth. In 1914 Pope Pius X created him a cardinal with the title of San Marcello. During the first World War he was very diligent in providing pastoral care for the soldiers. He dies suddenly on April 12th 1917 because of a heart attack.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Pius XII

Even 50 years after his death, the name of this great Pope is still slandered by liberal and leftist revisionist historians. Kicked off by Hochhuth's "Deputy" and kept alive by questionable works like Costas Grava's film "Amen" (based on Hochhuth's play) or Goldhagen's "A moral reckoning" (a slapstick piece with about as many historical errors as pages), the anti-Pacelli-industry has grown into a dirty yet profitable cesspool. As long as the name of Pius XII is not completely washed clean, people will continue to jump the train with lousy pseudo-historical tracts for the quick buck. And because people will jump the train, the name of the pope will never be completely washed clean. It is a vicious circle. I therefore hope that the process for the beatification of Pius XII will pick up momentum. Not because this will shut up the voices of opposition (or at least make them intelligent or bearable) but because it will strengthen the good people who would know even without ever reading a book that Pius XII was not a anti-semite and did a great deal to help the Jews in Rome. The voices of gratitude and praise right after WWII are all the evidence you need. All the vile slander issued after the Pope's death is the silly attempt of the Soviets to destroy the moral autthority of the Catholic Church, this time using somebody who cant fight back (because, as we know, the first attempt with Cardinal Mindszenty backfired big time).

Read this article in the National Review Online to have your eyes opened about the nature of the libellious re-evaluation of Pacelli's role in history.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Clemente Cardinal Micara in Cologne

In an earlier post I wrote about Clemente Cardinal Micara and the impact he made on the people of Cologne when he came to the still war torn town on occasion of the 700 year anniversary of the cathedral in 1948 (The faithful called it "The red feast" because of all the cardinals who participated in the ceremonies).

I once met an old lady, who was there in 1948. She told me that "If you don't count the Divine persons, the cute fat Italian guy definitely was the star" (She had forgotten his name).

Here are some more pictures from these days:

The Cardinal arrives (killer car in the back!)

Same day, same occasion, but suddenly the cushion on the kneeler is gone.

Walking in procession. You can see how messed up Cologne still was in these years.

You can also see how many of the thousands of people who wanted to get a glimpse of the cardinal even climbed the heaps of rubble.

The procession, again.

Under a canopy with Joseph Cardinal Frings to the right (and in the shade).

"It would be so un-Christian, but if this guy doesn't lay off my rochet, I'm afraid I will have to smack him!"

"That's all, folks!"

Friday, July 4, 2008

Leon Cardinal Potier de Gesvres

Gregor mentioned Cardinal Cicognani's "mile-high" biretta in the comments. However, it seems that Cicognani was not the inventor but just a friend of said biretta.

Check out the pre-revolutionary French cardinal's biretta with tuft on Leon Cardinal Potier de Gesvres (1656-1744)! How's the air up there?


Just a couple of weeks after Carolina's Catholic Kitsch Contest I find this peculiar gem:

Say "Hell-o!" to the Jesus Chair!

What the... ?

Does ANYBODY have ANY idea, what Polish prelate Henryk Jankowski is wearing here?

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Amleto Giovanni Cardinal Cicognani

He was the Apostolic Delegate to the USA from 1933 to 1959. He was born in 1883. He had an older brother, Gaetano, who was born in 1881. Not only did both men enter the priesthood, but they both became cardinals. Gaetano Cicognani was elevated to the cardinalate in 1953, his younger brother five years later in 1958, an exception to canon law, which forbids brothers of living cardinals to become cardinals was well. This law might be a bit obsolete, because it sounds like it is from the time when nepotism and simony were practiced a bit too diligently at the curia. I don't see why nowadays two brothers couldn't be cardinals at the same time, if they are the right men for the job.

I love this last photo. The little train-bearer is just having so much fun.