Monday, June 2, 2008

Prelates from Germany

Josef Caridnal Frings, archbishop of Cologne (right) welcoming the papal nuncio Clemente Cardinal Micara on the occasion of the 700-year anniversary celebration of the Cologne cathedral in 1948.

Another photo from the same day. Cardinal Micara was very popular with the people in Cologne. The war had left the town in ashes and in 1948 everything was still kind of grey and sad. Enter Cardinal Micara, a jolly fellow in scarlet silk, who apparently knew to play his cappa like a stage performer. The people of Cologne, who in these days still were decent Catholics, didn't explode in righteous indignation at the display of splendor, but simply called the Cardinal "cherub" and were grateful for the touch of beauty and grandeur, which the Cardinal again rewarded by being extra-amiable and popular. Of course, an interaction like this needs a healthy Church...

Joseph Kolb, archbishop of Bamberg from 1943 to 1955 (right) and a prelate I cannot identify.

Aloysius Muench, apostolic nuncio in Germany (front) and Josef Cardinal Frings, again, in Cologne.

Aloysius Muench again, this time in Passau

Sigismund Felix Freiherr von Ow-Felldorf, bishop of Passau from 1907 to 1936.

Michael Buchberger, archbishop of Regensburg from 1927 to 1961. Love the birds-eye-view!

Franziskus Kardinal von Bettinger, archbishop of Munich from 1909 to 1917, leaving his carriage. The cleric to his left is Konrad Graf von Preysing, who would later become bishop of Berlin (1935-1950) and Cardinal.


Gregor said...

Great pictures again, especially for me as a German.

Would it be indiscreet to ask whence you know so much about German bishops of the first half of the 20th century?

leo said...

Ich stamme aus Deutschland. Wenn Sie mir über mein "far sight"-Profil Ihre eMail-Adresse zukommen lassen (die ich selbstverständlich vertraulich behandeln werden), erkläre ich mehr. Sorry für die Geheimniskrämerei, aber als Autor von "the far sight" muß ich leider unter einem Pseudonym arbeiten.

Anonymous said...

better and better, this is a feast for the spirit

leo said...

Wow! And I only intended to make it a feast for the eyes!
Thanks! Spread the word and come back!