Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A nice photo of Cardinal Villeneuve

Jean-Marie-Rodrigue Cardinal Villeneuve, OMI (1883 - 1947) served as Archbishop of Quebec from 1931 until his death, and was elevated to the cardinalate in 1933. This is an interesting photo I got via eMail. Thanks to sender-inner Charles, who describes the pic for us:
    The picture was taken during the Eucharistic Congress in Quebec City in June 1938. The Cardinal is Rodrigue Villeneuve. He was no doubt a Prince Palatine since he wore the watered silk simar. He was decorated with numerous orders which I have not been able to identify. He wears two saches under his mozetta.
Alright. Thanks again, Charles! And keep those photos coming! The more you guys send, the more "The Far Sight" will be able to show!


Anonymous said...

Just a small clarification. The Cardinal is not wearing the simar but the watered silk choir cassock, once proper to a Cardinal at the proper season. He may be a Prince Palatine but any Cardinal who was not a Religious would have had this right. Also, I do not see where he is wearing two sashes.
He seems to be wearing that somewhat unusual, but proper, combination of the mozzetta and choir cassock without the rochet, used for some semi-state but not always liturgical functions. He is holding silk gloves and seems to be showing his ring to the admiring trio!
The important thing is that you sent it and our master published it on this excellent site! Thank you! Thank you!

John said...

Totally. And what a great pic.

John said...

One point though. The habitus civilis extraordinarius for a Cardinal should include the choir cassock, choir sash, mozzetta, and ferraiuolone, with red shoes,skullcap and red hat (not the big galero of course). I assume the red gloves are optional. Shawn gave us a very rare pic of a Cardinal dressed like that some time ago.