Saturday, May 15, 2010


That is the first photo I have ever seen of St. Pius X as Cardinal in cappa magna!

Biretta tip to my buddies over at the Liturgia-forum!


P said...

That is cool

Anonymous said...

I think I remember seeing a few old print postcards of Cardinal Sarto back in Venice when I went home. Will see if I could forward some scans of them when I go home again next week.

By the way, did the old photos of Rufino Cardinal Santos I sent you from before find you well or was there a problem with them?

Vivere in Pace!

leo said...

Dear anonymous,

I'd love to get some photos of Cardinal Sarto as Patriarch of Venice.

And, no, I did not receive any photos of Cardinal Santos. Maybe they went into my spam-box. Sometimes, when I am very busy, it can happen that I delete the spam without properly checking all the content. Sorry for that.

Maybe you can send them again?

Thanks for your support!

Anonymous said...


I pray you received the messaged with the photos yesterday. I just re-forwarded them for you.

I'll try to send you scans of the postcards I was talking about when I come back.

Vivere in Pace!

leo said...

Yes, the photos are in! Thanks a lot! Looking forward to the postcards!