Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Photos from Ireland

Super-reliable reader Fintan sent some more awesome pics from Ireland.

The first one is of Archbishop McQuaid together with a happy nuncio that I cannot identify:

The next two photos seem to show Cardinal MacRory, if I am not completely mistaken:

No idea who this bishop is. Nice cappa-wrap, though:

Thanks, Fintan! Great photos, as usual!

Everybody else: There's an example to follow...


Lover of Futility said...

You're right about Cardinal MacRory. The bottom prelate looks a bit like Archbishop Joseph Walsh of Tuam (1940-69).

Anonymous said...

With the double-bar pectoral cross, I believe the prelate with the Cardinal would be the Archbishop of Armagh, "Primate of All Ireland" who, like the Patriarch of Lisbon, is entitled, in virtue of immemorial custom, to wear a pectoral cross with a double traverse.

Lover of Futility said...

With reference to Anonymous, if you're talking about the first picture, Archbishop McQuaid is wearing the double-bar pectoral cross as he was Primate of Ireland. The Archbishop of Armagh is, as you rightly state, Primate of all Ireland. Go figure the significance of 'all' (NB - it predates partition by a very long time!).

Anonymous said...

James Cardinal McGuigan of Toronto?