Thursday, November 11, 2010

Norman Cardinal Gilroy (1896 - 1977)

Archbishop of Sydney from 1940 to 1971.

He won the "Australian of the year"-award in 1970! Imagine that today! A catholic bishop winning that award and not a feminist, vegan, homosexual or muslim!


Gregor said...

We urgently need that red watered silk back instead of the orange trevire Their Eminences are wearing today.

Anonymous said...

The shot of the three bishops kneeling and pray ing the Rosary are from l-r Cardinal Sir N.T.Gilroy, Aux Bishop James Darcy Freeman (1907-1991)later Arch Bishop and Cardinal of Sydney and the wonderful Bishop Thomas Muldoon (1917-1986)aux of Sydney and colourful character who sadly suffered a huge heart attack in the late 60s and had fragile health until his death. It was rumoured that he would become Archbishop of Sydney after Cardinal Gilroy.

The Saint Bede Studio said...

On the far side of the Cardinal, in the photograph discussed by Anonymous, is another auxiliary of Sydney who was given the personal title of Archbishop: +James Carroll.

Along with the other Catholic Metropolitans in Australia, Cardinal Gilroy received a Knighthood in the early 1970's. Strangely, "Sir" began to be added to their titles, as if a Knight of the Realm were more significant that a Prince of the Church!

Cardinal Gilroy enjoyed great popularity, not least so because he marched in the front row of Veterans on Anzac Day every year, having been present as a wireless operator during the Gallipoli landing in 1915 (no he didn't march in choirdress).

Anonymous said...

Dear St Bede Studio, my apologies for not seeing Arch. Carroll. Card Gilroy was made a knight of the realm in 1969.

If you go thru the NLA site of John Aloysius Mulligan's photos, from which all those shots originate, there is a picture of him taken when it was announced that he would receive a knighthood in 1969.

In that picture is also his then private secretary the late Fr Neil Collins (a member of the 1958 class from Manly and the college's largestest class to that date).

He was a wonderful and compassionate priest who sadly died after a long and painful battle with cancer in 1978, only 9 years after that photo was taken.

Any idea who the msgr. is next to Cardinal Gilroy in the last photo?

When Cardinal Gilroy first celebrated mass at St Pat's Church Hill he said in his typical voice looking at the beautiful brass altar (which won a prize at the Paris Exhibition in the 19th century)"The marble is so cold and the brass so warm!"