Monday, February 28, 2011

Amleto Cardinal Cicognani (1883-1973)

Another photo from his time as Apostolic Delegate to the USA.


Anonymous said...

I have a vestment question: What do you call the short cape(?) thingy that Cardinals and Bishops wear over the white lace- I don't know what they call that either? Sorry, but I'm "vestmentally challenged" I guess. It's hard to find answers online. Can anyone here help?

Kate said...

@ Denita: Well, that "short cape thingy" you mentioned is called the MOZZETTA and the lace you mentioned is called the ROCHET or ROCHETTO.. hope this helps!

@ LEO: Hoping you'll have a post about Raymond Leo Cardinal Burke soon! He's been giving us Sartorial Eye Candy since his Elevation to the Sacred Purple!

As always, my prayers and gratitude are with you and yours!

- Kate