Thursday, March 17, 2011

Amleto Cardinal Cicognani

Again as Apostolic Delegate


Anonymous said...

great photo! can i ask what occasion was celebrated? it seems His Eminence and the Auxiliary beside him are both wearing pontifical shoes. The one worn by the Auxiliary Bishops seems quite odd to me though... any explanation for that? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

It would seem that the auxiliary [third from left] has just finished/is about to offer Pontifical Mass, which is why he is wearing white pontifical sandals and, though not visible, white stockings.
The fact that these items are to be used ONLY at a High Mass Pontifically celebrated [or whenever Sacred Orders are conferred, even if the Mass is a low Mass], would seem to suggest that both the auxiliary and Apostolic Delegate pontificated at some point [the latter's being red, the formers, white].

Anonymous said...

No, the Bishop to the right of Archbishop Cicognani in the photo was probably about to be consecrated a Bishop at the Pontifical Mass which Archbishop Cicognani was about to celebrate. The Delegate is wearing the Pontifical sandals because he is about toPontificate and consecrate a Bishop. The other Bishop-elect is wearing them because he is about to be consecrated.
He is wearing Choir dress, which is what a Bishop-elect entered into Church wearing before he assumed the Mass vestments later on.
One may say, but he is wearing the pectoral cross? Yes, again, he would do so but if we could see his right hand we would probably notice that he is not yet wearing the ring.
Another curious point: the Bishop elect is holding a watered silk Biretta: either he bought the wrong on, or he is about to become an Apostolic Delegate or Nuncio after his consecration!