Friday, February 13, 2009

Léon-Adolphe Cardinal Amette (1850-1920)

He was achbishop of Paris from 1908 to 1920 and was made a cardinal with the title of Santa Sabina in 1911.

Georgeous man-lace

During the funeral of his predecessor, Cardinal Richard. I really like this photo.

The Archbishop

The Cardinal


Anonymous said...


So what's he wearing in the first pic, some canon's dress?

And I have to admit I was completely unaware that the bands were worn by French clergy into the 20th century I thought that had ended sometime in the 19th. I suppose that is a custom we won't likely see restored. Pity.

leo said...

Yes, the bands were around for much longer in France. And it is a pity we wont see them restored.
I don't have any proper info about the first photo, but it does look like a canon's dress to me, too.

Unknown said...

We might see them back. If I were French I would wear them!

An old priest friend of mine said that, as late as 1975, he visited the southern French town of Albi and passed two old priests who were both wearing bands, buckled shoes and the much narrower fascias that are traditional in France. The French style of cassock is also slightly different as it has buttons down the outside of the cuffs and has a much fuller skirt.

God bless.

Dan said...

was he a dominican ?

leo said...


Dan said...

But why the white?

leo said...

It probably isn't white. If you look at the fascia, it's got the same grey-value and there is no way it is a white fascia. It probably only looks white because of the strong contrast with all the surrounding black, which makes the grey look brighter.

Anonymous said...

How about some pictures of the Sisters?