Monday, February 23, 2009

Patrick Cardinal Hayes (1867 -1938)

A reader suggested that I post some photos of Cardinal Hayes. So I went and found some. Here they are:

In procession
[Erm... This, of course, is not Cardinal Hayes, but Cardinal Farley, Hayes' predecessor. This happened due to a wrong photo-caption and laziness of the eyes on my part. Thanks to Fr. Selvester for coming to the rescue!]

Portrait photo

Another portrait photo with ferraiolo

With a shiny black cassock

With palms

With the Apostolic Nuncio, Amleto Cicognani

Patrick Joseph Hayes became the fifth archbishop of New York in 1919 and was made a cardinal in 1924.


Fr. Selvester said...

With respect, the first photo you posted "in procession" is not of Cardinal Hayes. It is of his predecessor, John Cardinal Farley.

leo said...

How embarassing! You are right, of course.