Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Two nice postcards...

... of Mattia Vicario, bishop of Saluzzo (1895 - 1901) and bishop of Novara (1901 - 1906)


Anonymous said...

Delighted to see you appreciate the historical value of old postcards and are using them on your blog.

For too long this type of card languished in dealers' cheapo boxes. My own collection started when I realised how unappreciated these cards were, but also how they reflected the history of the Church in the last century.

I have only just come across your blog - I'm not sure yet whether it is GB or USA oriented. The title 'Two nice postcards' sent me there.

Pope Leo XIII was the first Pope to appear on contemporary cards and there are many magnificent and well designed cards as you probably know if you are a collector, which show him. Pope John Paul II probably has the most postcards issued showing him because of his travels around the world. In between the history of the papacy is well covered by postcards.

I look forward to seeing more postcards featured on your blog.

leo said...

Hi pelerin.

My blog is pretty much un-oriented. I myself am a German blogging from Rome. I don't really collect postcards, so I can only post them on the blog as I find them. I am more of a photo collector.