Friday, August 22, 2008

MANLACE - The Early Years

I don't know when the lace on rochets started to grow all out of control, but I do know that I miss the fifty million folds of the graciously tailored models of the 18th century. Case in point: Dominique Cardinal de la Rochefoucauld, archbishop of Albi and Rouen.

Apart from the thrilling and accurate depiction of the silk, the lace in this painting is amongst the greatest I've seen. Plus, Monseigneur really does qualify for the "happy prelates" tag.

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful! The silk might be even more sublime than the lace, at least in this painting! A superb portrait of Rochefoucauld. It begs the question: when and why did prelates become all vain and unmanly and cease dressing for the Lord, handing over the sacral aspect of lace and silk to women?
A tragedy, in my view.