Sunday, August 24, 2008

Something interesting from Berlin

Bishop Wilhelm Weskamm was bishop of Berlin from 1951 to 1956. These two photos were taken on the day of his consecration. Though being a bishop, at least his cappa magna is made of watered silk.

I love the grannies who are all cheerleading for the toddler in the diaper-trousers.


Gregor said...

Thanks, Leo! Great to see pictures of "my" bishops (even though that was before I was born).

Hm, strange about the watered silk. Perhaps he hadn't gotten one himself and simply used the cappa of Cardinal Count Preysing, his predecessor di venerata memoria?

leo said...

Probably not. I've seen photos of Bishop Bares also in watered silk. It might be some privilege, but I didn't find any useful information on the whole thing yet.

Castor said...

Unless you find the privilege (Berlin?? not even a prince-bishopric or primal see) my guess is he borrow a nuncio's. A cardinal's would have been the wrong colour.

Anonymous said...

It could well be borrowed - remember this is post-war Berlin, everything was difficult to obtain and in short supply.