Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Johannes Jacobus von Hauck

Archbishop of Bamberg in Germany from 1912 to 1943


Ann said...

Leo, this is my great uncle-where did you get the pictures?

leo said...

Ann: I found those photos on the web and in books/newspapers. Are you from Germany?

Ann said...

No, my grandparents are from Germany, I am 3rd generation American. I am going to Bamberg this September to see his grave and take pictures of his statue. I live in Texas and am excited to look for my roots. I am Roman Catholic just like my Great Uncle!
thank you for your pictures!!!!!
I was passed down paperwork from Bamberg detailing his death, his last words, his great works, and all who was at his funeral. It is fascinating. It was a testiment to his life given in English to some relative? thanks again

Bill said...

Marie Von Hauck is my Great Grandmother. Her brother is Johanness. Marie married a Weber so I must be related to Ann.