Monday, November 2, 2009


But the far sight will need to take a break until next Monday!

I'll leave you with a portrait-photograph and three painted portraits of Pierre-Lambert Goossens, Archbishop of Mechelen from 1884 to 1906.

And here is another photo of Cardinal Goossens that I find somewhat strange:

If this was a procession, wouldn't there be more people around? And if it is just an afternoon stroll in fairly un-casual wear, shouldn't there be a bit more reverence than only two boys kneeling? Granny is dragging her two grandchildren along, the shopkeepers are watching from the door and through the window, the bum-kind-of guy in the back has his hat on (as does the kid behind the train) and keeps the hands in his pockets. If this was Europe in 2009, I'd understand. But this photo obviously is at least 103 years old. Weird.

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