Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Old newspapers are fun!

Especially when the title includes the words "Catholic" and "Illustrated". Example: "La Hormiga de Oro, Ilustración Católica", an illustrated Spanish weekly, whose covers show us all the things we like about the Church in general and the Spanish Church in particular:

Happy prelates



The baciamano and the cappa


(Future) Martyrs



The Universal Church

Pontifical Masses

All photos found here. Check out this page and other online marketplaces for lots more!


Gregor said...

Great pictures (note the bastón de mando in no. 2)! And waht a funny title - the Golden Ant? I wonder what story lies behind that.

Ttony said...

Bear in mind too that the "baciamano" shown is by HM the King, Alfonso XIII, showing his respect for the Cardinal Archbishop of Seville. This is the world the right way up.

Gregor said...

Juan Carlos I (who cannot otherwise be called a strong defender of "the world the right way up") still does that.