Friday, October 15, 2010

Joseph C. Plagens

Bishop of Sault Sainte Marie-Marquette (1935-1940) and Bishop of Grand Rapids (1940-1943)

Does anybody know anything about the dress of the two little guys? Are they the trainbearers?

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Anonymous said...

My thoughts on the little tykes sitting on the steps of the throne:
The Bishop doesn't seem to be wearing a train here.Of course,if this was one of his installations, the installing Bishop,be he the Metropoltan or the Apostolic Delegate would have worn the Cappa and hence a train, but:
I don't think the the lads would be holding another bishop's train but sitting on the steps of the Throne of a Bishop whose train they weren't carrying.
In such a setting, a seminarian would have probably held the train, these kids are a bit young.

My guess is that they are a local version of the "San Luigi Pages," youngsters dressed as a young St Aloysius ("Luigi" in Italian) would have dressed. Many of our readers probably know about them. They were used in Italy and some priests and Bishops who studied there made use of them here.The costume of these young boys in the photo are in no way like those of the San Luigi Pages, but I think they may have been trying to imitate the concept!