Saturday, October 25, 2008


If anyone is able to name all these cardinals, he or she will receive the title of "Cardinal-Recognizer Supreme". I find the one to the right of Testa and the one to the left of Heard especially hard.


Anonymous said...

Could the photo be taken December 15, 1958 where Montini (sixth from left) was created Cardinal?

leo said...

Probably not. I think I'm spotting both Testa and Bacci in the right half of the photo. They only became cardinals in 1959 resp. 1960.

Anonymous said...

We also want to remember, to further narrow the time frame, that Nicola Cardinal Canali, at the immediate left of the Pope, died on Aug 3, 1961.

leo said...

Good one, anonymous. We're getting there!

Fr. Selvester said...

The best I can do (I'm afraid) off the top of my head is (left to right):

1. ?
2. ?
3. ?
4. ?
5. ?
6. Montini
7. Ciriaci
8. Agagianian
9. ?
10. ?
11. Gaetano Cicognani
12. Borgongini-Duca
13. Aloisi Masella
14. Pizzardo
15. Micara
16. Tisserant
Blessed John XXIII
17. Canali
18. Ottaviani
19. di Jorio
20. ?
21. ?
22. Heard
23. Bea
24. ?
25. Marella
26. ?
27. Testa
28. ?
29. Tardini
30. Confalonieri
31. Ameleto Cicognani

You probably had most of these already as well.

leo said...

Thanks Fr. Selvester!

Now we can really start filling in the blanks!

1.) Chiarlo
2.) Cento
3.) ?
4.) Giobbe
5.) ?
6.) Montini
7.) Ciriaci
8.) Agagianian
9.) Copello
10.) Tappouni
11.) Cicognani, G.
12.) Mimmi (Borgangini-Duca died in 1954)
13.) Aloisi Masella
14.) Pizzardo
15.) Micara
16.) Tisserant
Blessed John XXIII
17.) Canali
18.) Ottaviani
19.) di Jorio
20.) ?
21.) Morano
22.) Heard
23.) Bea (never would have figured that one out)
24.) Bacci
25.) Marella
26.) ?
27.) Testa
28.) ?
29.) Tardini
30.) Confalonieri
31.) Cicognani, A.

Come on, people! Only 5 questionmarks left! Help!

Anonymous said...

26) Aloysius Cardinal Muench!

leo said...

Four to go!

Anonymous said...

20) Jullien

28) Traglia

Anonymous said...

To complete the job:

3) Fietta (who died 1 X 1960, the earliest of those shown here)

5) Urbani

The hierarchy of the senate of the Pope, grouped around their Holy Father: cardinal deacons to the Pope's left, from the most to the least senior, ending with Bacci; cardinal bishops to the Pope's right, ending with G. Cicognani; the cardinal priests, beginning with the very senior Tappouni and continuing down the list (remember that the circle is broken for the sake of the photograph, and thus Chiarlo at the extreme left is just senior to A. Cigognani at the extreme right)) to Tardini of the promotion of 1958. At this point the logic breaks down, with Traglia, the most junior of the cardinal priests present, following Tardini, and being himself followed by the senior Testa, Muench, and Marella, who are not in their own proper order amongst themselves.
Oh well, nobody's perfect.

leo said...

Thanks a lot, anonymous.

I'm not trying to torpedo the great job but am just asking out of curiosity: Could 28 also be Marella (because of the shades and the pointy ears)?

Anonymous said...

Yes, you are absolutely correct. I was distracted by Marella having already been placed (explanation, not excuse).
The best thing is that this restores the correct hierarchical order.
The book 'Dictionnaire des arts liturgiques' has a number of photos of Marella: there is no doubt that 28 is he.
I am sure we are all agreed that some guess work is involved here, given the quality of the photograph and the obscurity of the less long lived cardinals. Fietta, for example, was a papal diplomat, and a cardinal for less than two years. It is no wonder that he is less immediately recognizable to us than men like Tisserant, Canali, and Pizzardo.

leo said...

Plus: I just recognized that #25, who was originally placed as Marella, does look suspiciously like Traglia!
This means that we pretty much did it! Yay us!

I'll wait for two more days to see if anybody does come up with any corrections, then I am going to post the final list.