Sunday, December 7, 2008

This just in...

Reader Carl from Belgium was kind enough to send me some photos of canons from that country with their distinct fur cape. Though almost extinct today, some chapters still wear this wicked habit on very special occasions, i.e. the canons of Namur.

I was planning on doing a post on Belgian canons sometimes anyway, and now is as good a time as any. The first four pics are Carl's (Thanks a lot!), the rest are from my collection:

First two historical portraits

This is a portrait of Monsignor de Baets

And here we have a canon named Nobels.

Here we see the chapter of Namur in choir dress.

Another historical portrait, this time of a canon from Ghent

Another canon from Ghent

And here we have the choir dress of the canons of Ghent in all his splendor.


Carl said...

Hey thanx, Leo

I will do some corrections, his Name is August Nobels, he lived in Sint-Niklaas and was a canon from the diocese of ghent, the other sitting one is the brother of the bishop of Ghent, Mgr. Stillemans and lived too in Sint-Niklaas. In Sint-Niklaas was a minor seminary, and there much superiors and canons lived. this portrait is part of the collection , where i made a pic for wikipedia. The latest one is a choir dress of the collection of the Bruges cathedral, with lace and the famous fur cappa.

this fur cappa is worn for solemn occasions, in winter and funerals. the summer choir dress is still worn in flanders with the typical lace and typic ironing and the Starch in the lenght.


if you search very well, you might find more.

Carl said...

this is a 19th century aquarel...
there is more on wikipedia