Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Postcard-Week: Cardinal Amette

As the title suggests, this week is going to be all about postcards. Postcards from France, to be specific. I don't know why, but there doesn't seem to be any other country in Europe with such a strong and vivid tradition of postcards that depict prelates and religious ceremonies. Good for them. Good for my readers. Since most of the postcards tell you who's who and what's what, I am not going to bother to put up captions unless necessary.



Pax Britannica said...

Wonderful Leo! But where is #3, and what's happening? Mitres and not birettas - so as not to be upstaged by the mitred (and exiled) abbot of Mondaye, who ?has been saying mass?

leo said...

Yeah, I never really understood this custom to wear a mitre with the cappa, which you can see often on old photos from France and also Australia.

What do you mean "where is #3"? Did the photo not show up? It does just now.

Pax Britannica said...

Apologies - any idea where the photograph is taken? And why is the cleric to the far right wearing an alb only? Is he undressing?
The deacon's (left) alb looks very good lace. Is this perhaps photographed in Belgium, where the Mondaye-ites were exiled? A day trip by +Bayeux and +Paris? Presumably Abbot Jo was persona non grata in France?
Some splendid faces, especially the abbot.

Pax Britannica said...

Ah! - they're the deacon and subdeacon of a mass which the abbot is about to/has just celebrated. So it must be taken at Bois-Seigneur-Isaac.

John said...

welcome to French liturgical abuses.... c'est magnifique!