Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Reader's Photos from Belgium (Part I)

Reader Carl from Belgium sent me a WAGONLOAD of great photos. I will post them here in two installments. Today you will see some great scenes from the annual "Holy Blood Procession" in Bruges. The photos might be from different years, but I am pretty sure that most if not all of them are from the 30ies. Enjoy!

UPDATE: Carl sent in some information about the procession: The chapter of St. Salvator is receiving every year foreign bishops and cardinals who venerate the precious blood. The brotherhood of the precious blood is the oldest in Belgium and has many noble lords from old families who each year are responsible for the organization of the veneration of the relic.

The procession goes on Ascension-day in the city in the afternoon and starts at the Basilica of the Holy Blood. Still today thousands of pilgrims come to see this procession. There is a beautiful and famous picture of Kardinal Woytila bearing the relic of the blood as archbishop of Krakow in 1974. Tradition says that the canons and the prelates need to take the relic themselves on their shoulders during the procession.

Every year the abbot from the Benedectine abbey and the abbey of Westvleteren is invited too. Today the bishops are dressed without cope and miter. The pictures are taken at a stage where they can see the procession before they participate. They are wearing red copes that date from the 17th century.

Thanks Carl!


Anonymous said...

Do you know where I can find a Cappa Magnum for my bishop? The diocese I'm a member of was erected 35 years ago.

Anonymous said...

Is Belgium even monotheistic at this point?

Carl from Belgium said...

no idea, perhaps you need to contact www.tridentinum.com/en/dove-siamo-eng.html

Dale said...

Thank you for sharing the photo's Carl and Leo for posting them.

Anonymous, you could try and contact Barbiconi too (www.barbiconi.it)

Michael Sternbeck. said...

How splendid to see the range of "Gothic Revival" mitres being used at this time by the bishops!

With the exception of one bishop, pictured, wearing a frightful neo-Baroque affair, making him stick out like a gangrenous thumb.

I also noticed one bishop wearing a most beautiful embroidered rochet.

Thank you Carl and Leo for these treats.

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