Friday, June 5, 2009

Postcard-Week: Feast of Joan of Arc in Orleans

The "Fêtes de Jeanne d'Arc" are celebrated every year on May 7th/8th since 1457. This is the big one in Orleans, often called the "fête nationale d’Orléans", and millions of postcards are in circulation showing different aspects of the celebrations. Of course, I'll kind of concentrate on the photos containing proper "far sight" stuff...

You'll meet all kinds of prelates. Amongst others Cardinals Granito de Belmonte and CErretti, acting as papal nuncios. Then you'll meet the cardinals from the last two posts again, Touchet and Amette. And then there's countless other major or minor mitred men.

Unfortunately the postcards rarely ever give you the date (except for May 7th/8th - D'oh!). A year would have been nice, fellas!

Those first four photos apparently are from the 500-year-jubilee in 1912. The 500 years refer to the birth of Joan of Arc and are not to be confused with the next 500-year-jubilee... 1929! This refers to the triumph of the French under Joan of Arc during the siege of Orleans in 1429.

Here's one more postcard with a year: 1921.

Cardinal Touchet (in the second photo with future Cardinal Baudrillart).

Cardinal Granito de Belmonte

Cardinal Lucon

Nuncio Cerretti


Carl from Belgium said...

Wonderfull al the canons! Leo, do you know where the traditions comes from to do the rochet in small "piping"? In flnders i have some pics of very fine piping! Perhaps someone else has pics too?
was this only in flanders?


leo said...

Sorry Carl,
I don't know anything about this specific topic.
Let's wait if other readers have something to say!
Thanks for the piping-photos you sent!

Andrew said...

Why is it that bishops wear miters with their choir dress?