Saturday, October 31, 2009

Those Spanish Bishops...

No matter where I look, I always seem to end up finding great photos of Spanish Bishops and Cardinals.

Balbino Santos Olivera, Bishop of Malage from 1935 to 1946, Archbishop of Granada from 1946 to 1953

Félix Romero Mengibar, Bishop of Jaén from 1954 to 1970, archbishop of Valladolid from 1970 to 1974

Enrique Cardinal Almaraz y Santos, Archbishop of Seville from 1907 to 1920, Archbishop of Toledo and Primate of Spain from 1920 to 1922

Cardinal Almaraz again

Joan Perelló i Pou, bishop of Vic from 1927 to 1955

Enrique Cardinal Pla y Deniel, Bishop of Avila from 1918 to 1935, Bishop of Salamanca from 1935 to 1941, archbishop of Toledo and Primate of Spain from 1941 to 1968.

Salvador Cardinal Casañas y Pagés, Bishop of Urgell and Co-Prince of Andorra from 1879 to 1901, Bishop of Barcelona from 1901 to 1908. An anarchist tried to stab Cardinal Casañas outside the Barcelona cathedral on Christmas day 1905. The attempt failed. Below you find a dramatic illustration from a French Magazin.

I hate anarchists. They are so vile and considering that they want a world without leaders and rulers they just come off as bigots if you see how often they try to assume to role of judge when it comes to other people's lives.

Isidro Cardinal Goma y Tomas, Archbishop of Toledo and Primate of Spain from 1933 to 1940

Cardinal Goma again

Pedro Cardinal Segura y Sáenz, Bishop of Coria from 1920 to 1926, Archbishop of Burgos from 1926 to 27, Archbishop of Toledo and Primate of Spain from 1927 to 1931, archbishop of Seville from 1937 to 1957. You notice the gap in the Cardinal's eccleiastical career. He waas sent into exil by the Republic in 1931. Why? Bacause of [** irony on **] 'freedom of speech' [** irony off **]. Segura had dared to denounce the church-burning, monastery-sacking, tomb-defiling Republic and cut the toppled monarchy some huge slack.

Gaetano Cicognani, Apostolic Nuncio to Spain from 1938 to 1953 (second from left) with a couple of other prelates.

Nuncio Cicognani again, here with Caridnal Pla y Deniel. This photo is a bit grainy, because it is from an online press-archive. So is the next:

This was shot at the Cistercian abbey of Poblet, so I guess the prelate on the right is the abbot.

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