Friday, January 8, 2010


I just took a look at my collection of photos and I was shocked to find out that I am slowly but surely running out of stuff to post. Of course I'll keep searching the internet for new pictures. But eventually (within two or three months), there might come a day when I'll just have to stop posting.

So I want to ask all kind readers to send in whatever great or decent or nice photos they have of
  • infectiously happy prelates
  • spectacularly colorful canons
  • magnificently flowing cappae magnae
You might think 'Why should I send in a photo I already have seen?' Well, if everyone does it, you send in one photo you have seen and might get dozens of new ones in return you have never seen before. I just want to offer this as a kind of display space for any old or recent photo you might want to send in so that everybody can share and enjoy.

I know that com-box response to my work is usually fairly weak, but my stat-counter tells me that between 500 and 1.000 visitors come here every day to look for new stuff. So there definitely is a crowd out there that would highly appreciate any contribution and might also want to chip in. Let's make this work!


AJ Garcia said...

welcome back leo!

ill send you some of my family's (mostly my uncle's) personal collection shortly.

again, nice to see your back!

leo said...

Thanks a lot A.J.!

Ttony said...

There are a couple here you might be able to use:

Pablo Pomar said...

Puede utilizar todas las que encuentre de interés en nuestra web de "Ceremonia y rúbrica de la Iglesia española". En todos los hilos del foro hay imágenes de interés, pero quizá especialmente en el apartado de Indumentaria eclesiástica: