Monday, January 18, 2010

Pedro Cantero Cuadrado (1902-1978)

He was bishop of Barbastro/Spain from 1951 to 1953, bishop of Huelva from 1953 to 1964 and archbishop of Zaragoza from 1964 to 1977. The above picture shows him as bishop of Huelva. The following pictures were taken on the day of his installation as archbishop of Zaragoza:


Michael Evans said...

Nice pictures, as always.

Our modern world is sadly lacking in archbishops on horses.

Anonymous said...

quick question, (it may sound ridiculous and even stupid) i've often seen pictures of prelates that seem to be only wearing their socks/stockings underneath their cassocks. even the pope seems to be doing this since i have seen pictures of John Paull II and Benedict XVI that showed only the socks and the seam of their pants cannot be seen. is there a rule for this?

Michael Sternbeck. said...

Anonymous, that is because they are wearing breeches under the cassock, not trousers.

Dale said...

Thanks for asking the question Anon! I was wondering about that myself! Thanks also Michael for the answer.

Was it mandatory for male clergy before to wear breeches or was it only for prelates? Hopefully you could shed more light into this.

Leo, you did it again! Great Blog, pictures, and people who could share their knowledge! Ad multos annos!

Michael Sternbeck. said...

Dale, the wearing of breeches was the understood thing for clergy and prelates, but, for obvious reasons, in more recent times many wore trousers instead. The Popes were an exception to this, all of whom have continued to wear breeches in some form or another. John Paul II wore a form which didn't fit tightly around the knee.

Just as there were no regulations (at least by Rome) laid down about the form of shirt clergy should wear, so there were no regulations about the form of trouser.

The practice of using breeches carried through from earlier centuries, when trousers were unknown. Rome, of course, was very slow to approve changes in fashion ;)