Sunday, January 11, 2009

Federico Cardinal Tedeschini

Federico Tedeschini was born in 1873 and was ordained a priest in 1896. He became nuncio to Spain in 1921 and received his episcopal consecration as titular archbishop of Naupactus by Pope Benedict XV in the same year. After being elevated to the cardinalate in pectore in 1933 he was published in the consistory of 1935 with the title of S. Maria della Vittoria. He was recalled from Spain (which was on the brink of civil war with the Church suffering heavy persecution after the fall of the monarchy in 1931) and became the Papal datary in 1938 and held the position until his death in 1959. In 1952 he returned to Spain as Papal legate to the Eucharistic Congress in Barcelona.

As nuncio in Spain


As newly appointed cardinal, looking very young for his 62 years.

At the Eucharistic Congress in Barcelona, 1952

Again in Barcelona, with Francisco Franco


peter82517 said...

Why in pectore, do you know?

Anonymous said...

Because of the Spanish situation no doubt.
Wonderful to see our beloved Caudillo with so worthy a prince of the Church.
T's alb as a newly appointed cardinal is unique in my experience. Does anyone else have a photo of (or perhaps even possess) an alb featuring papal portraits?

leo said...

Never seen one before either.

And, yes, beloved indeed! Poor, stricken Spain! We have to pray for this nation and for all of Europe!

Anonymous said...

Please, on this of all sites! It is not an alb that the glorious Cardinal is wearing with his cappa (never!!!!!) but a rochet!

Anonymous said...

Mea culpa!
His Eminence seems to have had a fondness for pictorial rochets: with the Generalissimo he sports a scene of angels adoring the Blessed Sacrament - less unusual perhaps, but still a rarity.