Monday, January 12, 2009

Josef Cardinal Beran (1888 -1969)

Josef Beran was ordained to the priesthood in 1911. He served as archbishop of Prague from 1946 until his death and was elevated to the cardinalate in 1965. He was imprisoned twice: Once under the Nazis in Pankrác, Theresienstadt (where bishop Štěpán Trochta of Litoměřice also was imprisoned at the same time), and then Dachau. In 1949 the communist regime of Czechoslovakia put him under house arrest and deprived him of all personal freedom and all rights as an archbishop. He eventually was sent to prison again in Mukařov and Radvanov from 1949 to 1963. After his release he was impeded from exercising his episcopal ministry, so he went to Rome, where he was made a cardinal in 1965 and died from lung cancer four years later.

Imprisoned by both the Nazis and the Communists. This is what a true martyr of the Church looks like: You don't take sides, you stick with Christ.

With Pope Paul VI

Probably after taking possession of S. Croce in via Flaminia

Carrying the head of St. Wenceslas in Prague

In his archiepiscopal palace before the commie pigs dragged him off to prison

As a cardinal

Same photo in color, but smaller


Gregor said...

That must be the most futuristic reliquary I have ever seen - no offence to St. Wenzel, whom I greatly revere, but it does remind you a bit of Futurama, doesn't it?

A propos of the first pic, can we please start a petition to make the ferraiolone mandatory again in the presence of the Pope? It really looks ridiculous today, especially when the holy Father is wearing choir dress, as he will for important addresses, while the attending prelates are lounging about in there plain old zimarra.

leo said...

Futurama pretty much nails it.
As for the ferraiolone: Bring it on!