Friday, January 16, 2009


The new year is already 16 days old and there wasn't any posting with my special friend Fernando Cardinal Quiroga Palacios?


Here he is in pontificals, happy prelate gone solemn:

Ordaining a bishop

I really like...

... this series...

... of three photos.

With El Caudillo (kneeling)

Somewhere, sometime

During a funeral service


A happy prelate, after all


Peter said...

And Spanish biretta third from last!

Kim Andrew D'Souza said...

About the other hat that's in the picture with the Spanish biretta: The cardinal's mitre has a cross on the front of it, which makes me curious since since this is a funeral. I guess this is some legitimate variation of the mitra simplex, which I thought were always white without ornamentation, but I'm wondering if someone else has more information.

Xavier said...

The photo which shows the Caudillo kneeling was taken in the Cathedral of Santiago, Patrón de las Españas. Nowadays, it is still usual to see the King, each 25th of july, making the offering to the Apostle and giving the statue that you can see in the photo, the traditionall hug and kiss.

leo said...

Thanks for the info, Xavier!

Anonymous said...

The 6th picture was from the National Marian Congress in Manila on Dec. 1, 1954. The Cardinal was the Papal legate then...
Thanks for all these pictures!!
More power!