Saturday, January 24, 2009

Now THAT is what I'm talking about!

The new archbishop of Acerenza, Corrado Ursi, entering his episcopal city in 1961.


Anonymous said...

These photos are great. But, folks do need to keep in mind this is a bit of episcopal "fantasy" as it were. The wearing of a galero by anyone other than cardinals had fallen into disuse long before 1961. But, even if that weren't true the galero that Ursi is wearing here is clearly a contrivance. The arrangement of the tassels in a pyramid is a heraldic artistic invention. No "real" galero ever has had tassels like this. The way a galero appears in heraldic art is not an accurate depiction of the actual hat. In addition, even the number of the tassels (30 for cardinals, 20 for archbishops, 12 for bishops, etc.) does not correspond to reality but was an invention for the artistic depiction of the galero heraldically.

Nevertheless, the photos are great.

Anonymous said...

10 years later it would all be annihilated. Thanks for the "new springtime"!

May God bless the Holy Father today and the SSPX bishops whose excommunication he has lifted. Hopefully much good will come from it.

Caesar said...