Friday, May 23, 2008

Presenting the Crozier

Francis Cardinal Spellman and Archbishop James Mcintyre, Los Angeles, 1948

Archbishop Amleto Giovanni Cicognani, Apostolic Delegate to the United States and Archbishop James O'Hara, Philadelphia, 1953

Joseph Elmer Cardinal Ritter and Bishop Charles Herman Helmsing, Kansas-City, 1962


Anonymous said...

I find something very curious in the photo of Cardinal Spellman giving the crosier to Archbishop (at the time) McIntyre. His Cappa is not unfolded as it should be for that action. Is it because:
-He was not Abp McIntyre's Metropolitan nor the Apostolic Delegate?
-Space was tight in St Vibiana's sanctuary?
-Poor Master of Ceremonies?
Your thoughts, confreres...

leo said...

The first one makes sense, but I don't know the regulations for occasions like these.

Robert Taylor said...

That photo of Cicognani and Archbishop James O'Hara (no such prelate - check out Catholic Hierarchy): it was JOHN O'Hara who was made Archbishop of Philadelphia, likely in 1952 - Catholic Hierarchy has no date of installation - (and later Cardinal) and, being rake-thin from day one, that ain't him. It is more likely Patrick O'Boyle, being installed, in 1948, as the first Archbishop of Washington (and later Cardinal in 1967)

I thought you might like to check this out, in case I'm mistaken.