Sunday, May 25, 2008

What a load of hogwash

Excerpts from a story about one Carla van Raay on a webpage that calls itself "Catholica Australia":
    "Though once a nun in the Order of The Faithful Companions of Jesus today she isn't even a Catholic. After you have digested what we have to offer today though I doubt that anyone will be left in any doubt that this lady is a spiritual seeker. In so many ways her exit from Catholicism is very understandable given what she went through."

    "Her website today in fact is emblazoned with the title "Returning to Sexual Innocence". But Sexual Innocence is not to be confused with Sexual Naivety or Goody-Two-Shoes behaviours regarding sex. Neither is it the sort of "Catholic Sex" that seems to have characterised the Bethel Experience where it "runs off the rails" in another direction by trying to remain faithful to the screwed up understanding of human sexuality that is the enduring legacy of Cardinal Ottaviani and Humanae Vitae."


It gets better!

The same website also features a lengthy manuscript of one Tom Lee with the title: "The Invention of Christianity". I'll spare you details revealing the style of the book which seems to be solely build on singular experiences and personal preference ("Some priests I've met..."; "Most protestant friends...", "For me it was heartening when..." and so on). You will have to scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page to read a mildly interesting sentence, when it says about the author:
    "He does not claim to be a professional theologian, nor an historian."
To illustrate, let me quote what he has to say about sex (Oops! Sex again! Now look who's not preoccupied at all):
    "Sex is treated as a necessary evil, and humans can only do it for reproduction, like animals. I can agree with the late Irish comedian Dave Allen: 'Those who don't play the game shouldn't make the rules'."
So the game is called "Sex" and not "Salvation"? Thanks for clearing that up.

"Catholica" Australia? Have you no shame? At long f***ing last: HAVE YOU NO SHAME?

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