Friday, November 14, 2008

Giovanni Battista Dellepiane

He was born in 1889 and ordained a priest for the diocese of Genova in 1914. He was a military chaplain during the first world war and was made titular archbishop of Stauropolis in 1929. After spending 19 years in Africa as the first apostolic delegate to Belgian Congo, Ruanda and Burindi, Dellepiane became the apostolic internuncio (in 1949) and then the apostolic nuncio (from 1951) in Austria. He died in 1961.

During some ceremony in Salzburg.

During a procession, also in Salzburg.

Visiting the cathedral canons of Vienna. I read that Dellepiane never was really popular or even loved in Austria because he could be very brusque. I don't know. He certainly looks like a "happy prelate" on these Vienna-photos. And what is he doing with his biretta on the last pic?

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