Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Two Benedictine Archabbots

On the Sunday of Pentecost in 1863 the secularized Augustinian canonry of Beuron/Germany was brought back life as a Benedictine abbey. Founders were the brothers Maurus and Placidus Wolter, who also became the first two archabbots, Maurus from 1863 to 1890 and Placidus from 1890-1908. Here are two fine photos which - I am sorry to say - are a bit small.

Maurus Wolter

Placidus Wolter


Fr. Selvester said...

Interesting to note (perhaps) that the black cappa magna used beaver fur for the winter version. Also, it is interesting that both of these archabbots had the use of the cappa magna. Even in the old days the use of the cappa was not automatic to abbots or archabbots but had to be granted by special concession of the Holy See. Obviously, these two were each given the honor.

Father G said...

The minor seminary I attended in New Orleans was directed by the Benedictines(Swiss federation)...the abbey is actually outside of New Orleans. In any case, one of the former abbots, Fr. Abbot Columban had the privilege of wearing the black cappa. He was abbot there from the mid - thirties to the early sixties. I also saw some photos of him in the black mantelleta during ecclesiastical functions outside the monastery. Nice...
Father G. Gardner