Saturday, November 1, 2008

Yeah, right!

Like I would NOT publish some photos of personal fave Fernando Cardinal Quiroga Palacios during color-week!

With Benjamin Arriby y Castro, archbishop of Tarragona (center) and Gaetano Cicognani, apostolic nuncio to Spain (2nd from right) shortly before all three of them were made cardinals on January 12th 1953.

I think we already had this one (only smaller), but who cares. You gotta love the ferraiolo.

We also had this one before, also smaller.

With co-purpurado Arriby y Castro and Pope Paul VI

This one is a bit blurry but still takes the cake: Fernando Cardinal Quiroga Palacios and Albert Cardinal Meyer during the council.
    "Do you think getting rid of watered silk is going to do the Church any good?"

    "No! It's just going to empower self-righteous lay-whining that believes you can feed the poor by forcing somebody else to put something in a wardrobe and never take it out again."

    "Then why do we do it?"

    "Dunno. Ask the Dutch or the French or the Germans"


Gregor said...

Exactly. Bring back the watered silk NOW!

Anonymous said...

It appears to me that Archbishop Arriby y Castro is wearing the fascia with fringes, not the tufts which were customary in 1953.

I wonder where this photo was taken. All three archbishops are wearing the mozetta. If they were in Rome they weren't entitled to the mozetta until they were all created cardinals. If they were somewhere in Spain, Chicognani was entitled to wear the mozetta throughout the entire country in his role of nuncio. The other two would be entitled to wear the mozetta within their own diocese. However, unless Cicognani is standing over the archdiocese boundry line, at least one of the metropolitans is outside of his province, and thus not (1n 1953) entitled to wear the mozetta. Or do different rules prevail in Spain?

Anonymous said...

Cardinal Quiroga Palacios definitely seems like a happy prelate!

And in my opinion he bears a shade of resemblance to Anthony Quinn in the Shoes of the Fisherman.

leo said...

Pius, you're absolutely right!
I always kind of reserved the "happy prelate"-tag for the historical portraits of those chubby, rosy-cheeked cardinals. But QP definitely deserves the tag, too!

Gregor said...

Only noticed this now: what's with the white biretta in the last pic?

leo said...

It has a white lining and the cardinal is holding the inside towards the camera.

John said...

Just asked my priest who knows every detail about matters liturgical and sartorial. He tells me that in Spain it was very common until the sixties for a bishop to wear mantelletta and mozzetta with chain for the cross, outside his diocese, or in the presence of a higher prelate, or even for a titular bishop.