Saturday, November 22, 2008

New Photo Archive

Since the news is out and beginning to make the rounds, there's no need for me to hold back anymore. I thought I'd surprise you next week with a couple of great color-photos from Vatican ceremonies, but now that pretty much everybody knows that Google is putting the LIFE photo archive online, I might as well show you a bit now.

I just couldn't decide which of these three birds-view cappa and galero-photos I prefer, so I just post them all.

Cardinals lying prostrate in the Sixtine Chapel... (if you look closely, you can see the red heels on the black shoes in the first photo)

... and caudatarii courageously entering the silk-pit...

... to help the eminences they have been entrusted with back on their feet.


Anonymous said...

That last photo shows William Cardinal Godfrey of Westminster and former Abp. of Liverpool assisted by Derek Warlock who went on to become Abp. of Liverpool.

leo said...

I knew it was Cardinal Godfrey, but I didn't recognize Derek Warlock. Thanks!

JPSonnen said...

Gorgeous colour pics! Many thanks! But I don't think it's the Sistine Chapel there, but rather a side altar of St. Peter's.