Friday, November 21, 2008

James Cardinal McGuigan (1894-1974)

He was archbishop of Regine from 1930 to 1934. He was only 35 years old when he was appointed to Regina, which made him the youngest archbishop in the church. He later was archbishop of Toronto from 1934 to 1971 and was elevated to the cardinalate in 1946. These photos show Cardinal McGuigan as papal legate to the Marian congress in Ottawa, 1947.


Anonymous said...

Whenever I have seen photos of Cardinal McGuigan, I have always thought: "This man enjoyed being a Cardinal!" Good for him!

leo said...

I read in a Canadian newspaper once that people called him the "smiling cardinal". Even better for him!

Anonymous said...

The prelate to Cardinal McGuigan's left in the mcguigan 7, 8 (and possibly 10) photos is Archbishop (later made cardinal) Ildebrando Antoniutti, then-Papal Delegate to Canada.

The prelate to his left in the mcguigan 6 photo is Alexandre Vachon, Archbishop of Ottawa at that time (his episcopancy: 1940-53). The reason he is wearing the mortarboard is because he was also Chancellor of the University of Ottawa, as were all Ottawa archbishops until 1965 when the University ceased to be a Catholic one. As well, he had been a scientist-scholar as well as a priest until he was made Co-Adjutor Archbishop in 1939 to succeed the by-then ailing Archbishop Joseph-Guillaume-Laurent Forbes (1928-40).

Robert Taylor

Anonymous said...

Choir cassock and ferraiolo?


Anonymous said...

Yes, Choir Cassock and Ferriaolo was actually allowed. It was known as Court Dress back then, and if I remember correctlt, according to Nainfa (I do not have the book right now), it should also have the mozzetta to complete the ensemble.