Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I couldn't resist...

From the forum Ceremonia y rúbrica de la Iglesia española:
    "Reina supremo en la galaxia litúrgica el blog The Far Sight, con fijaciones pías en capas magnas, en prelados simpáticos y orondos, y en esplendores sartoriales varios. Un trabajo excepcional"

    "In the liturgical galaxy reigns supreme the blog "The Far Sight" with its pious obsession with cappae magnae, likeable and rotund prelates and various sartorial splendors. An exceptional job."
Blush! Thanks, guys!


John said...

Now that sounds like my priest having fun in his language with his favourite subject. And I know he loves your page, after all I told him about it meself ;)

leo said...


Well, then thanks to you, too!

John said...

thanks to YOU, always