Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Order of Malta

I found some interesting colored engravings showing the different habits of priests worn in the Order of Malta.

Magistral chaplain

Conventual chaplain in minor daily habit

Conventual chaplain in grand daily habit

Conventual chaplain in minor choir habit

Conventual chaplain in grand choir habit

Prior of St. Jran with grand (no kiddin') cross of the Order

Bishop with grand cross of the Order

[Update: Alright! Reliable Ed informs us about the background of the pictures: "The drawings are shown in the Knight's church of St. John in Malta. This was their headquarters until they were driven out by Napoleon. The church contains the tombs of the Grandmasters of the Knights of Malta, several of them were also cardinals. The use of the church was recently returned to the knights."

Thanks, Ed!]


Paul said...

Dunce cap meets biretta? What on earth are those caps in the 1st, 5th, and 6th pictures? I've never seen or heard of such thing in reading about the Order or anywhere else.

leo said...

All I know is that birettas used to grow really (I mean REALLY) tall in France in the 18th century. So maybe there was a style-spillover into the Order of Malta or something.

Dan said...

How is it that 3 engravings are by tombs of some fasion?

leo said...

I don't know. The inscriptions are hard to read so I'm not sure whether they bear any meaning that refers to the person depicted or whether they are just there as decoration. In the fifth picture there is a certain similarity between the bust on top of the tomb and the depicted chaplain.

Dan said...

It also looks like the coat of arms is on the same of all the tombs