Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Letting down the silk

Maybe some of you have never really seen how far the cappa magna reaches down in front, so here are some photos.

[Sorry for the watermarks, the reflecting flashlight and stuff]

Comes in handy when there's a boring homily and you want to say your rosary without anybody noticing.

[This just in: Reader Ed identified the Cardinal on the fourth photo as Peter Tatsou Doi, Japan's first Cardinal.]


Anonymous said...

is that gaudencio card. santos of manila that is shown in the third picture?

Michael Sternbeck. said...

I think the 2nd and 3rd photographs are Cardinal Marella.

leo said...


I think the fourth photo could well be Rufino Jiao Cardinal Santos. The Cardinal from Manila whose first name is Gaudencio has the family name Rosales. He is the current Archbishop of Manila.

2 and 3 are Marella, indeed.

Michael Sternbeck. said...

Marella had been Apostolic Delegate to Australia and New Zealand in the 1950's.