Sunday, March 22, 2009


The pilgrimage chapel "Maria zum Berge Karmel" in Meersburg-Baitenhausen, Germany is a little Rococo jewel. It was finished in the second half of the 18th century under the prince-bishop of Konstanz, Franz Conrad Cardinal von Rodt. The ceiling of the crossing between nave and transept has a fascinating fresco, showing the adoration veneration of Mary by bishop and people. The cardinal is kneeling, surrounded by his clergy, and from his mouth come the words "Erhöre das Gebett deines Volcks" ("Hear the prayer of your people"). Mind you, this is 18th century German, so if you are studying the language right now, don't take this as an example!

Here are photos of the scene:

Close up

Two steps back

The whole scene


Gregor said...

Very nice indeed.

But surely you meant "veneration of Mary" - we don't want to give the Prots any pretexts ;-)

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That is lovely.