Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Here is a collection of neat ferraiolo-photos that have been lingering about for some months now. Time to present them to my faithful readers!

Francis Cardinal Spellman, archbishop of New York from 1939 to 1967

Francis Cardinal McIntyre, archbishop of Los Angeles from 1948 to 1970

Manuel Irurita, bishop of Barcelona from 1930 to 1936

Jusztinian Cardinal Serédi, archbishop of Esztergom from 1927 to 1946

Archbishop (later Cardinal) Giovanni Panico, titular archbishop of Iustiniana Prima, Nuncio to Peru, Canada and Portugal, with Pope Pius XII

Lorenz Cardinal Jäger, archbishop of Paderborn from 1941 to 1973

Franziskus Cardinal Bettinger, archbishop of Munich from 1909 to 1917

Johannes Cardinal von Geissel, archbishop of Cologne from 1845 to 1864

James Cardinal McGuigan, archbishop of Toronto from 1934 to 1971

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Gregor said...

That is one large cappello Card. von Geissel is holding on to there.