Saturday, October 24, 2009

What's that?

Sorry, this photo is microscopic. I don't know the who, where, when, what and why, but I know that this train that is being carried is a bit too long for a cassock-train. I also can't see a cappa, so what is going on here? Any ides, dear readers?


Gregor said...

Hm, wild guess: The Patriarch of Lisbon had (or arrogated...) the privilege of using several items otherwise reserved to the Pope (mitre-tiara, flabelli I think...), so maybe he also wore the mantum? The flag on the catafalque does look like the Portuguese.

leo said...

Good call, Gregor!

Anonymous said...

Respectful compliments,

Great moment of the life of the Portuguese People…

This photograph was taken in July of 1970, in the Monastery of Jerónimos in Belém (Lisbon) and shows the Cardinal Patriarch of Lisbon D. Manuel Cerejeira (1929-1971), presiding over to the solemn funeral rites of the great politician and first-minister, António de Oliveira Salazar.

The coppe… is the great pluvial solemn of the Patriarchs of Lisbon, for use in the liturgical celebrations. It was ordered to make for Patriarch D. Jose Francisco de Mendonça (1786-1808) and has beyond reserves with the life of Christ, is cote of arms.

I go try to send You, another photos whit this pluvial.

leo said...

Dear Anonymous!
Thanks a lot for the information!

More photos of the cape would be extremely welcome!

Tiago said...

That picture are retired from the funeral of the Prime-minister Antonio de Oliveira Salazar. If You Like i would give some photos of tree bishops portugueses, afeeteds bi the tradition.

sorry bi me inperfect english.

if you could anser to my email:

Ricardo Freitas said...

The Patriarch of Lisbon, since that the King John V bought this title for his private chaplain, has the privilege of using many things that only the pope can use