Friday, October 23, 2009

St. Philip Neri renouncing the cardinalate

Historical accuracy aside, you couldn't make someone renounce the cardinalate any more dramatic than that. First, have a bunch of gay-ish tailors from the Vatican harass an old pious guy who just wants to pray and be good with shining shoes, red silk stockings and a cardinals hat, then wrap the old guy in all the trappings which the title brings along (cappa included, hence the post), then subject him to the judgment of a handful of children, and if they don't recognize their "padre" anymore underneath all that silk and ermine, let him retreat to the back of the room - cappa dramatically swooshing behind - and say no to whatever Pope and Church have to offer, while piece by piece taking off the robes.

I love St. Philip Neri and if there's one occasion in Church history where renouncing of the cardinalate (which he did more than once) makes sense, it is with this humorous saint.

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