Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The 28th International Eucharistic Congress

It would be tempting to call what happened in Chicago between the 20th and the 24th of June in 1926 an "event", but I wont do it, because the term "event" is applied to pretty much anything nowadays.

The 28th International Eucharistic Congress was the largest religious meeting America ever witnessed. 13 cardinals, about 500 bishops, approximately 5000 priests from all corners of the world, 12.000 nuns and one million of Catholics turned Soldiers Field into the heart of the world. Here are some (rather small) images I found:

The Papal Legate, Giovanni Cardinal Bonzano:

The Cardinals:

The masses:

Apparently the faithful consumed ten tons of hot dogs during the congress. Trains started to bring the crowds to the ceremonies as early as 4 a.m., running at two-minute intervals. Photos from services held in near-by Mundelein (yes, as in "Cardinal") were published in newspapers already two hours after being taken because of airplane delivery and all kinds of people working like crazy. The choir that sung during opening Mass was made up of 60.000 parochial school children. Fox Films, which distributed a 96 minute movie on the congress, refused to accept any remuneration. Man, that sounds like a healthy Church in a healthy society.


latinmass1983 said...

Ecco la croccia del "Caudatarius" - il tuo abbigliamento liturgico Leo!

It seems the one used in Rome for the carriers of the Tiaras is not as ample, though. They're a little tighter.

Or, may this guy here is wearing one that's too big for him.

John said...

simply magnificent, thanks leo

John said...

btw, the first pic is totally historic; the legate uses for the first time ever the newly invented habitus solemnis civilis: choir cassock, mozzetta, ferraiolo, red shoes and hat; I saw it also on pics of Cardinal Agagianian at the eucharistic congress in India

leo said...

Wow! I didn't know it was the first time. Thanks for the information, John