Wednesday, June 11, 2008

For all you aficionados

Okay, okay! You got it!

Giuseppe Cardinal Panico from his years as Apostolic Delegate in Australia. Check out the buckles!

Elie Grimaud, a canon of the cathedral of Embrun, France. Not the nicest lace I've seen, but definitely an original pattern.

Francis Cardinal Bourne, archbishop of Westminter from 1903 to 1934 with a lovely floral pattern.

Amleto Giovanni Cardinal Cicognani, apostolic delegate to the US from 1933 to 1958.

Can't really do a posting without a couple of prelates from Spain.

Maurice Cardinal Feltin, Archbishop of Paris from 1949 to 1966.

And color, too. Giuseppe Cardinal Guarino, archbishop of Messina from 1875 to 1897.


John said...

The buckles are too much; great!

Magnificent lace all of them, even the weird canon.

And what about that horrid French thing of mixing black cassock with prelate robes?

leo said...

Yeah, I don't know about that either.

Mike Gomez said...

Thanks for the lace Leo! Why is Rev. Grimaud wearing a tablecloth though? :) Love your site

Castor said...

For the Spanish prelates, the first one is Federico Tedeschini who was then nuncio to Spain. He later became archpriest of St. Peter's

Carolina Cannonball said...

MAN LACE!!!! I was just compiling another man lace post when I saw this. It's even warranted the creation of another blog label.