Friday, June 20, 2008

Photos from Austria

Eberhard Count of Ortenburg-Tambach, prelate in Wiener Neustadt

This one is pretty cool. You can see a canon of the Cathedral of Salzburg on the right, wearing the cappa to which the chapter was entitled

Franz Xaver Horacek, academy chaplain. Love the coat, love the hat, love the glasses

Gustav Cardinal Piffl, archbishop of Vienna from 1913 to 1932. Man, we gotta get those hats back!

Giovanni Dellepiane, archbishop of Stauropolis, papal nuncio in Vienna from 1949 to 1961

Opilio Cardinal Rossi, papal nuncio in Vienna from 1961 to 1976

Theodor Cardinal Innitzer, archbishop of Vienna from 1932 to 1955

Eugene Cardinal Tisserant visiting Mariazell

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