Thursday, June 26, 2008

Another great portrait...

... of James Cardinal Macintyre. You've already seen him in cappa magna. Now you can see his Eminence with mitre and crozier and pallium (yes, and man-lace of course).


Gregor said...

Now that is a very interesting mitre. Baroque (Roman) in form, but evidently designed as a complement for the Gothic chasuble, and its decoration itself is also vaguely (19th century neo-) Gothic. But for me it works very well! Do you have the year of the photograph?

latinmass1983 said...

I second Gregor's comment.

This is one of the very few "gothic" chasubles that are really beautiful and very suitable for the Liturgy.

Those vestments used by the Canons Regular of the New Jerusalem were a real exaggeration in width, length, colors, and "gothic-ness".

By the way, Gregor, I think that I already found a picture of a Priest wearing a (real) ferraiolo. However, the picture is not a close up and it is very small... :(