Thursday, May 28, 2009

His three Popes

In todays installment of the "Quiroga Palacios"-days, you'll see the Cardinal with the three Popes during whose reign he wore the purple.

With the Servant of God Pope Pius XII

With Blessed Pope John XXIII

With the Servant of God Pope Paul VI


Anonymous said...

I don't remember where I have taken this:

leo said...

I do.
It was right here.

Christian said...

If you ignore the last picture you may notice he looks less and less happy with the popes as they go along!

leo said...

Yeah, but that's a big "if". He is sooooo happy in that last picture.

I like the way he looks at Pius XII in the third photo.

Christian said...


It could just be a forced smile in the third photo. It would be if it was me!

leo said...

Wait a minute! The third photo is the one where he is standing next to Pius XII. You would have to force that?

Or did you mean the last photo?

Christian said...

Yes, I meant the last photo, the one with Anti-Pope (:-P) Paul VI

P F Diviney said...

The dude on the left is Cardinal Arriba y Castro of Spain.