Thursday, May 21, 2009

What have I done?

Oh my...

OH MY...!

This is just too terrible!

Apparently a gang of whacked out French revolutionaries got their hand on a time machine. They came to the year 2009. They were intrigued by the possibilities of the Internet. They lucked upon "The Far Sight 2.0". They don't speak English. So...


They saw the picture with the slightly shredded cappa and they thought my blog was all about promoting hatred for truth, goodness, unity and beauty...

So of course it was right up their alley!

In fact, they liked it so much, that they not only finished off the purple silk cappa, but are now holding the red watered-silk cappa hostage!

Their demands: The Far sight has to make it AT LEAST to the third place in the "Best Visual Treat" category of the 2009 Cannonball Awards.

As you can see, these madmen are armed with sabers, pitchforks, knives, axes and even cream-pies! And they mean business! Take a deep breath and scroll down to see what they did to the purple silk cappa (not for the faint of heart)!

* * sob, sniff, sigh * *

Worst of all: They provided me with visual material of their next targets. What you see in the following pictures will be nothing more than dirty rags this coming Sunday unless this cursed blog makes it at least to the third place!

Miles and miles of cappae will be gone!

Rows upon rows of beautiful liturgical vestments from all centuries: Lost!

Even galeri and cappelli romani...

Whole ensembles of cardinalatial finery, preserved across the decades: Annihilated!

This is not just about me and my stupid little blog anymore!

The world needs your help! Got to the poll! Here is the link again, so you don't have to scroll up and see those unwashed, horrible enemies of culture, beauty and faith again.

Go and vote like there is no tomorrow, alert your friends and family, make peace with your enemies and let them know what's at stake, encourage your colleagues at work, involve your local government, because if you don't THERE WILL BE NO TOMORROW!

Save the cappae, save the world!


Bieron said...

can somebody please tell us anything about the complete set of cardinalatial robes?

why is there some purple? what and when is it for?

its very interesting to see this since we dont see them as much!

great photos and info on this blog!

keep it up sir!

leo said...

A cardinal's cappa is red at ordinary times but purple during the penitential season, on days of mourning and when attending funeral services.

Thanks for the compliments!

Bieron said...

oh, does that include the advent season and rogation days too? and does their crimson cassocks change into purple for these occasions?

thank you for the information.