Sunday, May 31, 2009

The last installment...

... of the "Cardinal Quiroga Palacios"-Special is made up of miscellaneous photos that kind of evaded being categorized. Have fun!

Listening to a speech

Hanging out with the jerarquia


Giving his blessing

With cardinals Arriba Y Castro and Cicognani

"Woah! I'm supposed to ride in that?"


With a crowd and two canons of Santiago


During his visit to the Philippines

Again. Those last two photos should have appeared in yesterday's "happy prelate"-post, for obvious reasons.

The Philippines again, giving a speech (after receiving some honorary degree at the University of St. Augustine in Iloilo)

On a train...

One of the last portraits


Christian said...

I have been a follower of this blog for some time, and Hallowed Ground before that closed and I have seen few if any pics as wonderful of the one of the prelate in the carriage. It could have been from the 18th century! Wonderful.

My mother went to school with the daughters of the President of the Philippines shown in the pics lower down. :-D

Carl from Belgium said...

the pics are made at the palacio real in Madrid on the Plaza de la Armería in front of the main facade. The coaches are from the spanish royal collection. The coaches are used for ambassadors and ceremonial audiences. Is is possible he had an audience?


leo said...

@ Christian: I know! I love this photo, too!

@ Carl: Thanks for the info!

DJ said...

The third photo was also taken in the Philippines. One of the prelates in the back was Cardinal Santos and the man in the white suitwhit his hand on his chest looks like one of Enrique Gomez Samson (a great great grandfather!)

On the Tenth photo, is that Former President Elpidio Quirino with Former First Lady Alycia Syquia?!

Great Photos! Il ry to name some of the other prelates from the Philippines in the other pictures!

This is very interesting!

DJ said...

The First three photos of Cardinal Palacios in the Philippines were taken on December of 1954 during which he was appointed by His Holiness Pope Pius XII as Apostolic Delegate to the Marian Congress in Manila(for sure!)

leo said...

Thanks for the updates, DJ!

Pax Britannica said...

(# 10) A classic portrait in white... that is (ex-) President Quirino, but with his daughter and 'First Lady' Victoria Quirino-Delgado, rather matronly in her 20s. Alycia Syquia Q was killed in 1945.

DJ said...

Pax Britannica

Thanks for the update for the portrait with President Quirino. You're right, Alicia was killed together with three of her five children during the Battle of Manila.